An Airbnb customer is unhappy with the recent host experience


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A R4,600 stay at a Sandton Airbnb cost Twitter user @Katso_Pholo and his group a small fortune.

In a thread, @Katso_Pholo shared his experience with his followers, in hopes that creating awareness would help other Airbnb travelers be more careful.

She said that despite the cost of R4,600 including fees, the host asked for an additional R3,000 because “he (the host) got the dates mixed up”. She said there was no cancellation fee.

His group paid the R3,000 because they “had no choice”.

Excited by their well-deserved vacation, they checked into the four-bedroom, three-bathroom property.

However, things did not go as planned.

“When we got there he locked one of the rooms, then he came up with security guards to count how many of us are in the house. Banna, hape this man was going into EVERY room to check if there were 8 of us), ”she said. (sic)

She said they had to pay an additional 5,000 rand for the host to open one of the rooms he would have locked “or else he would call the cops”. (sic)

“It’s 13K for something that had to be R4,600,” she tweeted. (sic)

She alleged that the host came to the house regularly to monitor the crowds.

“Akho privacy ya nix bc 2 minutes 2 minutes he is in the house to count how many people are there. (Sic)

“There was an extra person and he was ready to kick her out at 1 in the morning, Bathong ??? Curfew ??? And he kept saying he was going to call the cops, mint ??? For the eng ??? ” (sic)

The guest said the host wanted R1000 for a broken glass.

@AirbnbHelp responded to his tweet: “Hello, we’re here to help. If you need help with a reservation, please send us a DM with more details, and we’ll investigate it for you. Thank you. Send us a private message. ” (sic)

Many users have wondered why guests have to pay extra.

One user who retweeted the post said: “Honestly, this is for all of you. Why would you keep paying this man anything ?? I would have reported it to Airbnb immediately.” (sic)

Another posted: “5k to open the venue? & Did you pay? Inani?” (sic)

IOL Travel has contacted Airbnb South Africa for comment.

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