A homeless shelter offering ‘larger scale’ support at the accommodation site


A HOMELESS shelter that was asked to shut down its direct access bed offering due to the pandemic welcomed the subsequent opportunity to run a different accommodation site.

The Room at the Inn (RATI) homeless shelter in the city center is located on Winmarleigh Street.

Warrington Borough Council has confirmed that it has asked RATI to shut down its supply of direct-access beds at the start of the pandemic, in line with government guidelines.

A council spokesperson said: “This was to ensure that the homeless and vulnerable people, who are at greater risk of Covid, could be offered appropriate accommodation where they could maintain safe social distancing and living. isolate if necessary.

“During this time, we worked with RATI and other partners to move the homeless to temporary accommodation at the Travelodge hotel, which enabled us to offer single room accommodation.

“As of August 2020, RATI has been managing the council’s homeless accommodation offer at Museum Street, which offers 22 single or couple rooms as part of 101 homeless spaces in Warrington.

“The Museum Street offering means there is no longer a requirement for the provision of direct access that was previously handled by RATI.

“Museum Street Housing supports some of our most vulnerable residents and as a result the daily number of rough sleepers continues to remain very low.

“We have also invested in a new outreach team to work with people who may find themselves homeless. If you see or are concerned about someone who appears to be sleeping on the street, please email [email protected] or call 01925 592 800.

Selina Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RATI, shared her perspective on the matter.

She said: “We were disappointed with the closure of the direct access provision to Winmarleigh Street.

“However, the opportunity offered by Museum Street has allowed us to scale up our support, increase employment, and build great relationships with the board and other service providers in Warrington.”

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