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  • General

    How do I apply for a loan?

    You can apply for a loan online, by telephone, by fax or even by post. If you wish, you can also visit our office. On this website you can first calculate online how much you want to borrow and the term you want to pay off the loan.

    Is it safe to apply for credit online?

    Your data is protected with your personal username and password. Only the persons who handle your file with us will then have access to your data. They are certainly not passed on or sold to others.

    What happens after my credit application?

    First, through the National Bank of Belgium, we check whether you can make payments with your income, and we ask our insurers whether they agree to give you a loan. We then draw up a contract and contact you for an appointment to go over that contract. If you have any questions, we will answer them as clearly as possible. You start paying off your loan the following month.

    I already have several loans. Can I take another one?

    It is not necessary to pay off your other loans before you take out a new loan. Sometimes it can be useful to merge your other loans into one new loan. For example, you often pay less interest than before, and you can easily save several hundred usd. In addition, you will get a better picture of what you pay monthly.

    How do I pay off my loan?

    For an installment loan, you choose whether you pay with a monthly transfer or via a permanent order. With the latter option, you do not have to worry about the monthly payment: the bank automatically ensures that the payment is made on time.
    It is best to pay for a mortgage with a standing order or by direct debit.

    From what age can I take out a loan?

    Anyone who is of age (+18 years) and has a permanent job can contact us for a loan.

    I am listed with the National Bank. Will I still be eligible for a loan?

    All credits are kept by the National Bank of Belgium. If someone repays their loan or credit more than 3 months late, this will also be noted. So if you were in arrears with the repayment of your loan for a period of more than 3 months in the past, you will normally no longer receive credit. We make an exception to this if you are pledging a property.

    Until what age am I eligible for a loan?

    The age limit is set at 75 years. For installment loans with real estate as a guarantee, the loan must expire no later than the age of 75 years.

    What happens if I die before my loan is paid off?

    With outstanding balance insurance, you avoid that your surviving dependents have to pay off your loan. Ask our employees for advice. They can ensure that the loan is paid off in full or remains affordable for your partner, children or other surviving relatives.

    I work with a temporary contract. Am I eligible for a loan?

    This is possible, provided you know someone with a permanent contract who is willing to enter into the agreement with you. We will then examine the options for you to take out a loan

    I work with an interim contract. Am I eligible for a loan?

    That depends on how long you have been working for the same temporary employment agency. If you have been working for the same temporary employment agency for at least 2 years, we will examine the possibilities for taking out a loan. You are also eligible for a loan if you have worked continuously for three years for different employers or interim offices.

    If I submit the same application to multiple brokers or companies, will I receive an answer earlier?

    You want to know where you stand as soon as possible. So it makes sense that you don't want to bet on a horse. However, we must warn you, as in the past such situations have resulted in multiple payouts to the same person. That is why banks will from now on stop the processing procedure as soon as they are faced with a double application. In addition, we process your application so quickly that it makes no sense to submit multiple applications. You will usually receive a response the same day. Only special files sometimes require a little more time.

    What does "consultation and registration with the Credit Central of the National Bank of Belgium" mean?

    The Central Bank of Credit of the National Bank of Belgium contains information about credits granted to consumers, such as personal loans, credit lines, credit cards and mortgage loans. To prevent customers from taking out too many loans and ending up in financial difficulties, the banks are legally obliged to consult that register.

    I did not find an answer to my question here.

    Do you have a question that we couldn't answer here? Send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will help you as soon as possible.

  • LOA (installment loan)

    How long does a loan application for an installment loan take?

    As soon as your response is registered with us, we will immediately take action. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your request has been received. In general, you can expect a reply within 2 hours after completing your application. You then decide when you want to process the agreement, and the money is often deposited into your account the same day and no later than 24 hours.

    Can I repay my installment loan early or do I pay high costs?

    You sure can. It is even regulated by law. Such an early repayment is more advantageous, because the interest that you still owe at that time will lapse. You must of course repay the capital you borrowed. In addition, you also pay a small reinvestment fee, which is approximately 1% of the capital that you redeem early. If the period between the agreed end of your loan and the early end is less than 1 year, you only have to pay 0.5%. In concrete terms: if you repay a capital of 10,000 usd early, you only pay 100 usd if your loan still runs for more than a year, or 50 usd for a term of less than one year.

    What costs do I pay if I take out an installment loan with you?

    Rest assured, except for the Annual Cost Percentage (APR) you do not have to pay any extra costs. This means that you do not pay any file, transport or other costs other than the monthly repayment of your loan. Everything is included in the interest. With the help of "calculate your monthly payment" you calculate yourself what you will pay monthly to borrow the amount you need.

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