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For more than 15 years, Guide Global has been working with an extensive network of brokers . You too can easily be a part of this! As a broker, you refer your customers Near to us for their credit application , we will do the rest. No binding contract with us, but a word of honor.

Why work with Guide Global?

Mortgage loans are a specialty. A specialty made for our experienced employees. We make time for your customer, listen to Near's needs and propose the best solution based on this. Thanks to our wide range of mortgage types , we can really offer your customer a tailor-made solution. By working together with Guide Global, you are immediately armed against the sometimes aggressive competition from the banks and you create new opportunities for yourself in, for example, insurance, investments, real estate, etc. And not to forget: for every customer you bring in, you receive a pre-agreed percentage !

Course of our cooperation

As a broker, how can you help your customers with credit? The cooperation with Guide Global proceeds in a few very simple steps:

  1. Do you have a customer who needs credit? You simply send us the details so that we can contact him directly.
  2. We make an appointment with the customer at his home or at our office. Together we go over the situation and consider all the options. Of course you can also be present if you wish.
  3. When we can help the customer, we request the complete file from one of our credit partners. If the request is accepted, we will notify both you and the customer by e-mail.
  4. The last step is the deed date at the notary where the credit is officially granted. You will receive your percentage approximately 2 months after the deed date.

In summary, as a broker you only have a referral function . At the end you will then be rewarded with a pre-agreed fee. Interested? Then quickly contact Kredietunie.

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