6 best Airbnb stays around the world


by netflix The most amazing vacation rentals in the world turned out to be a Narnian gateway for travelers. The scholar hosts partially sketched the idea of ​​travel and recreation in a post-pandemic world as they began filming in crowded pre-pandemic Bali in 2020, but resumed and completed filming in the summer, the same year.

Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Bravo star Luis D. Ortiz have covered the gamut of varying budgets and travel styles while listing quirky and unique rental properties. The rentals featured on the show are readily available for booking through AirBnb and Vrbo, worldwide. To help you navigate the list of notable stays approved on the show, here’s a list of six of the best.

Quetzalcoatl’s nest

Located in Naucalpan de Juárez, a lush woodland area just west of Mexico City, Quetzalcoatl’s Nest bills itself as a pioneer of organic architecture. A fitting homage to Mexican art and culture, the Condominium is a combination of a park and housing complex built inside a giant structure with intricately decorated.

A coherent amalgam of landscape and nature, it contributes to the cultural ethics of the place. The 40-acre property is home to botanical gardens, a mineral cave, and lakes to browse. Perfect for small groups looking for a respite from the daily grind, Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is your go-to spot for a meditative and quiet vacation.

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Sitka Lighthouse

Located in Alaska, USA, the Sitka Lighthouse built in 1983 by native veterinarian Burgess Bauder has functioned both as a navigation beacon and as a vacation rental since its inception. The private island home to the magnificent lighthouse continues to serve as a quaint resort for weddings and business retreats.

The two-bedroom vertical luxury spot is just a five-minute water taxi ride from Sitka. Cradled in the tranquil lap of nature, you will be surrounded by marine life (humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions, sea urchins and starfish can be seen). The sound of serene waves hitting the rocks adds to your authentic experience as a temporary lighthouse keeper.

Old Cay House

Old House Cay is a quintessential property on a series of private islands spanning three acres of land set in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Entirely powered by solar energy, it offers you the comfort of an off-grid lodge. You can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking and other water activities.

The island is accessible only by boat and includes the Windmill Harbor Boat Slip and Carolina Skiff. Discover an abundance of recreation on the extravagant island, reserved for you all to yourself.

Snow igloo

A small family business located next to Lake Pyhäjärvi and Pyhä-Luosto National Park in Finland, this Snow Igloo facility is beautiful. Cuddle with your better half while watching the aurora show. A cozy apartment outside the igloo for up to 4 people is also available in case your feet get cold.

The house is equipped with a toilet, a shower, a living room and a small kitchen that guests are free to use. Since all restaurants and a supermarket are 10 km from the ski resort, you can prepare ahead and microwave them before consuming them.

The Atlanta Alpaca Cabin

One of the world’s most beloved AirBnbs, the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, is located in the heart of a private bamboo forest. The space houses a rescue farm for rescued llamas, alpacas, chickens, dogs and cats. Featured in a range of music videos and independent films, the property is dotted with quaint antique architectural wonders such as Victorian French doors, stained glass windows, and pine floors.

It has a composting toilet and antique enamel sink that returns to the overriding ethic it strives to create. The treehouse also has a private green marble WC as well as a private white marble bathroom with a wonderful walk-in shower and an archaic vitreous china sink in their granite house built nearby. . A dedicated rustic forest path leads to the 12×12 treehouse.

The Treehouse in Danville

Located on a 5-acre plot surrounded by oaks and magnolias, the treehouse is a 15-foot-tall structure between two giant oak trees in Geneva, Florida. In the pursuit of building one of America’s most unique treehouses, the builders – Dan and Deborah – used their creative prowess to create structures using repurposed objects. They also built a residential elevator to make it look like a tree trunk to take you up to the yurt in the trees. On the upper deck there is a swing and table that overlooks the entire property. A gas grill, gas fireplace, and seating for four are placed on the yurt deck. Along with the elevator there is a classic fire tower staircase dating from around 1926 from a local fire tower. On the middle deck you’ll find a spectacular hot tub created from a DC 10 jet engine cowl. Accent lighting and an indulgent solitude in the middle of nowhere make the night sky submerged in stars. ‘all the more special.

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