AssurMiFID code of conduct

Our office is obliged to comply with the "AssurMiFID code of conduct" and will inform you of the following information in this regard:

1. Products and services offered

1.1. Information about understanding insurance mediation

“Our office offers insurance brokerage services, ie the activities that consist in

discussing insurance contracts, offering, proposing, performing

preparatory work to conclude or conclude insurance contracts

insurance contracts, or in assisting in their management and implementation ”.

1.2. Numbers of the branches and the title

1. Accidents;

2. Illness;

3. Vehicle hull with the exception of railway rolling stock;

4. Casco rolling railway stock;

5. Airframe;

6. Hull sea and inland vessels;

7. Goods in transit including merchandise, luggage and all other goods;

8. Fire and nature events;

9. Other damage to goods;

10. BA motor vehicles;

11. BA aircraft;

12. BA seagoing and inland vessels;

13. General BA;

14. Credit;

15. Bail;

16. Various monetary losses;

17. Legal aid;

18. Assistance;

21. Life insurance policies not linked to investment funds, with the exception of dowry and birth insurance policies;

22. Dowry and birth insurance, not linked to investment funds;

23. Life bride treasure and birth insurance related to investment funds;

26. Capitalization operations;

27. Management of collective pension funds.

1.3. Policy conditions

For this we refer Near to the various websites of the various insurers.

2. Information on the conflict of interest policy

"The AssurMiFID code of conduct requires our office to draw up a written policy for the management of conflicts of interest. You can find more information about how our office implements this below".


2.1 Legislative framework

The " AssurMiFID rules of conduct" came into force on April 30, 2014. Their legal basis is the law of July 30, 2013 strengthening the protection of buyers of financial products and services as well as the powers of the FSME and various provisions as well the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 on the rules for the application of articles 27 to 28bis of the Act of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and the financial services of the insurance sector and the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 on the established rules of conduct and rules on the management of conflicts of interest, as far as the insurance industry is concerned.

In accordance with these rules of conduct, our firm is required to establish a written policy for the management of conflicts of interest in the provision of insurance intermediation services.

The legal regulation on conflicts of interest is an addition to the general MiFID constitution.

This constitution is respected by our firm through a loyal, fair and professional commitment to the interests of the client in the provision of insurance brokerage services.

2.2 Which conflicts of interest?

In view of our conflicts of interest policy, our firm has identified as a first step the potential conflicts of interest in our firm.

Conflicts of interest can arise between (1) our firm and its affiliates and a client or (2) between several clients. The conflict of interest policy takes into account the specific characteristics of our firm and its group structure, if any.

In assessing Near potential conflicts of interest, our firm has identified situations where there is a significant risk of harm to the client's interests. It's about:

Situations where a profit is made or a loss is incurred at the expense of the client;

Situations where our office has a different interest in the result of the service or transaction;

Situations with a financial incentive to let other clients come first;

Situations where the same business as the client is conducted;

Situations where our office receives compensation from a person other than the client for the insurance brokerage services provided.

2.3 What measures does our office take

Our office takes many measures to ensure that the client's interests come first.

These include:

An internal instruction note;

An adjusted remuneration policy;

A policy that ensures that related persons only mediate with regard to insurance contracts

of which they know the essential characteristics and are able to explain to clients;

A policy that reserves the right of our office, in the absence of a concrete solution for a

specific conflict of interest to refuse the requested service for the sole purpose of protecting

the interests of the customer;

An arrangement for receiving benefits;

A policy that ensures that all information provided by our affiliates is correct, clear and not

is misleading.

If necessary, our firm's conflicts of interest policy will be adjusted and / or updated.

2.4 What is the procedure?

See image at the bottom of this page.

2.5 Specific transparency

If in a specific situation our measures could not provide sufficient guarantee, you will be informed by our office of the general nature and / or the sources of the conflict of interest, so that you can make an informed decision. You can always contact us for more information.

3. Fee

"For our insurance brokerage services, in principle, we receive a fee from the insurance company, which is part of the premium that you pay as a customer.

In addition, compensation is possible that is linked to the insurance portfolio of our office at the relevant insurance company or for additional tasks performed by our office. For more information contact our office or consult the customer zone of our website. In the other case, we receive compensation from you as a customer for our insurance mediation services. ”

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