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Have you found the house of your dreams, do you finally want to make the trip of a lifetime or is it really time for a new car? The big question that will undoubtedly burn on your lips is: how much exactly can I borrow? Borrowing becomes child's play with the online loan simulator! You can calculate your monthly amount to be repaid in an instant or apply for a loan immediately.

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If you want to know immediately how much you can borrow , first select the desired loan formula:

  • Mortgage loan

    Are you renting a home, but dreaming of buying it? With a mortgage loan you become the owner of your dream home. Quickly calculate how much you can borrow!

    The calculation below is based on a mortgage loan in a variable formula 10/5 with cap + 2 / -5 . This means that the first 10 years is a fixed interest rate and then adjustable every 5 years. Of course other formulas are also possible.

    After entering the desired amount and period, and your contact details, you will receive the simulation request in your mailbox.

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  • Installment loan with mortgage guarantee

    Do you own a home? Then you can take out an installment loan at a reduced rate. Ideal if you have almost paid off your mortgage.

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  • Installment loan for all purposes

    Do you want to buy new furniture, finally renovate your house or buy a better computer?
    With an installment loan you can realize your purchase immediately.

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  • Installment loan for renovation works

    Even if you want to purchase land or have renovation work carried out, you are in the right place with an installment loan. Ideal for a lower amount with a shorter repayment term.

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  • Installment loan: cars

    Are you ready for a new car or have you dreamed of a fast sports car for years? With an installment loan you can spread the costs over 7 years.

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  • Installment loan: second-hand cars

    Are you looking Near a used car or stylish oldtimer? You can spread the costs with an installment loan.

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