Credit for moving

Moving costs money. Money that you would rather spend on furnishing your new home. If you spread your moving costs through our installment loan, you will then move into your new home without any worries.

Everyone is confronted with a move one or more times during their lifetime. Young people sooner or later leave the parental home to stand on their own two feet. But people of average age also often, sometimes out of necessity, move near a slightly larger or more affordable home.

The transport of all your furniture, the administration costs related to your new address, the rental of an elevator, ... these are all costs that have to be paid. At that time, you can of course use that money much better to pay for other, monthly recurring costs.

Our installment loan offers the solution. You will receive the full amount at once, while you can repay it in monthly installments and therefore in the longer term. This way you can fully concentrate on your move, without having to take too much into account the costs associated with it.

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