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Anyone who wishes to become the owner of their own home can take out a mortgage loan. Credit union can compare home loans for you.

A dream credit

A charming farmhouse on the outside, a stylish villa on the coast, a stately town house in the city or a piece of land where you want to build your dream home ... Whatever your favorite spot looks like, you can probably use some capital to get straight to to proceed with a purchase. A mortgage loan is the ideal solution in this case! As an independent credit broker we will compare home loans and offer you the most advantageous loan .

Choose your formula

We work on comparing home loans and offer you a customized credit. We You can choose from various formulas for mortgage loans , such as the attractive 80% formula. With this formula you are responsible for 20% and the notary fees, so that the risk for the bank is much lower . You can also choose whether or not to finance additional costs such as:

  • registration costs
  • mortgage costs of the loan

In addition to comparing home loans, you can also contact us if you want to refinance your current credit at the current, cheaper rate.

Enjoy tax relief

If you have a mortgage loan, you can count on tax relief via the personal income tax return on:

  • capital repayments
  • interest

Interested in a home loan?

Calculate your monthly repayment online for the amount you need or contact us directly to compare home loans .

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