Affordable personal loan on installment

Do you have wedding or building plans, or do you incur hospital costs? For large expenses, you can count on our affordable personal installment loan.
  • Wedding plans

    The best day of your life must be unforgettable. There is also a price tag attached to it. Guide Global looks for an affordable personal loan on installment together with you Near. read more
  • Taxes

    Annual taxes are unavoidable. Just when you think you have saved something, you will find the tax return in your letterbox the next day. What now? read more
  • Hospital costs

    Admission to a hospital is no fun in itself. The bill that falls in the St afterwards is often a second setback. read more
  • Moving away

    Moving costs money. Money that you would rather spend on furnishing your new home. If you spread your moving costs through our installment loan, you will then move into your new home without any worries. read more
  • Renovation works

    Painting, renovating or adding extra? You are covered with our installment loan. read more
  • In order to be able to process your application, the lender must consult the files of the Central Individual Credit Register of the National Bank of Belgium, his own files and possibly the files of Atradius, credit insurer.

    For expenditure of a personal nature, Guide Global provides a personal installment loan . Above you will find a selection of the expenditure categories for which our personal installment loan may be suitable.

    You can also consider a personal installment loan for other, unexpected costs . A new television set, a laptop, interior decoration and so on: together we look at which loan best suits your spending plan.

    We invite you to join us. Together we look for Near the most affordable personal loan on installment, with a fixed term and a customized repayment amount.

    Contact us for more info. We are happy to help you.

    The above money only for owners, otherwise max 7 years or 84 months.

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