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  • In order to be able to process your application, the lender must consult the files of the Central Individual Credit Register of the National Bank of Belgium, his own files and possibly the files of Atradius, credit insurer.

    Borrow without worries

    Whether you are planning renovations in the near future, have wedding plans, want to relocate or have to deal with high hospital costs, with the cheap installment loan that we find for you, you will no longer have to delay any purchase. As a credit broker , we compare the rates on the market and offer you the best solution for your situation.

    Variable monthly installments

    A (cheap) installment loan is a credit agreement under which you borrow an amount that you repay in monthly installments. How much you borrow depends on:

    • the type of loan you want to take out
    • your earnings
    • the amount you need

    The minimum term of a cheap installment loan is 1 year, while the maximum term depends on the amount borrowed.

    Maximum duration
    Borrowed amount Maximum repayment term
    from $ 1,250 to $ 2,500 24 months (-2 years)
    between $ 2,501 to $ 3,700 30 months (-2.5 years)
    between $ 3,701 and $ 5,600 36 months (-3 years)
    between $ 5,601 and $ 7,500 42 months (-3.5 years)
    between 7,501 and 10,000 $ 48 months (-4 years)
    between $ 10,001 and $ 15,000 60 months (-5 years)
    between $ 15,001 and $ 20,000 84 months (-7 years)
    more than 20,001 $ 120 months (-10 years)

    For which expenses?

    You can take out an installment loan for, for example:

    • the purchase of a new or used car
    • work on your home, such as painting, repair work or energy-efficient investments
    • the costs of a move
    • the payment of tax debts or fines
    • the cost of a wedding party
    • hospital costs
    • other personal expenses


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    The above money only for owners, otherwise max 7 years or 84 months.

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