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Use the loan simulator to calculate your mortgage loan and immediately discover how much you will pay back monthly to buy your dream home.
  • Purchase of a house

    Those who wish to become the owner of their own home can take out a mortgage loan. Credit union can compare home loans for you. Read more
  • Refinancing cheaper rate

    As you may well know, market interest rates change very regularly. Perhaps you can refinance today at a cheaper rate than your current rate? read more
  • Merge various credits

    Do you have several credits that you would like to merge into one clear credit? read more
  • Renovation works

    Start your renovation work immediately thanks to an installment loan. You can borrow cheaply for renovations at Guide Global. read more
  • Country house / investment property

    Have you dreamed of an apartment on one of the Spanish costas or a farm in the endless plains of Scotland for years? Credit union makes borrowing for a house abroad simple and transparent. read more
  • How much can you borrow?

    Have you found the home of your dreams ? Then you naturally want to know how much you can borrow as soon as possible. To calculate your mortgage loan or home loan , enter the following information step by step:

    1. amount and term
    2. personal data
    3. professional data
    4. income

    In addition to the purchase price, when calculating your mortgage loan, you must also take into account matters such as notary fees, insurance and registration costs , where Guide Global provides you with expert assistance.

    Meticulous customization

    Credit union is so much more than a credit broker . We are always ready for you with tailor-made expert financial advice. In this way we not only help you find the desired amount with the cheapest interest , but we also explain in detail which costs you can include for tax purposes . Even if you need an extra renovation budget or are unable to pay the notary and registration costs, we will look for a solution together with Near.

    All-round credit formula

    With a mortgage loan you can:

    • buy a house or land
    • finance any renovation or renovation costs

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