11 best new reality shows of 2021, ranked (according to IMDb)


With the COVID-19 pandemic still greatly affecting everyone’s daily life, many have turned to the comfort of television – especially reality TV. Often dismissed as a “guilty pleasure” fare, there is often a lot to be learned from reality shows, from knowing exactly how much a lavish Indian wedding can cost to discovering incredible budget vacation rentals around the world.

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2021 delivered groundbreaking new TV series and also gave fans a plethora of new reality TV shows to check out. With innovative dating shows like FBoy Island and new twists on old classics such as The challenge: all the stars, there have been so many exciting reality TV shows to enjoy in 2021. But which are the best?

11 The big day – 4.6

Netflix brought The big day to screens in 2021. The show follows six engaged Indian couples planning extravagant weddings. With two weddings in each of the three episodes, viewers get an exclusive glimpse into the multi-billion dollar Indian wedding industry.

Many have criticized The big day to be a free look at opulence, but the show also deals with more empowering themes, including how young couples choose to incorporate modern values ​​into traditional ceremonies.

Available to stream on Netflix.

ten FBoy Island – 5.0

An HBO Max Original, FBoy Island is a new take on the tropical island dating game genre. Three single women are taken to golden sands, where they are joined by 24 eligible single women. The show follows their quest to identify “nice people” looking for true love and oust self-proclaimed gamers (or so-called “f-boys”).

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FBoy Island produced popular actors and the new show has all the ingredients to seduce fans of Island of love and Too hot to handle it hooked. Seasoned reality fans may find that FBoy Island doesn’t offer much to the “tropical island dating show” reality subgenre, but it’s a lot of fun guessing which guys have good intentions.

Available to stream on HBO Max.

9 Cooking with Paris – 5.3

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West in the kitchen in Cooking With Paris

Paris Hilton sets out to create a cooking show for people who can’t cook in her aptly named new Netflix series. Cooking with Paris. Hilton uses her star power to attract special guests including Kim Kardashian West, Demi Lovato and Saweetie.

Her easy, accessible approach to cooking might not satisfy die-hard fans Chef fans, nor can Cooking with Paris be as charming as Selena + Chef, but the show is certainly pure entertainment. The strengths of Cooking with Paris‘are definitely his sense of humor and his accessibility; her stream of famous guests helping out in the kitchen is also a fun addition.

Available to stream on Netflix.

8 My unorthodox life – 5.5

my unorthodox life season 2 cropped

My unorthodox life is a new reality TV series from Netflix, documenting the life of fashion designer and entrepreneur Julia Haart. The show follows Julia, who is originally from Russia and became a member of the Orthodox Jewish community after immigrating to the United States as a child, as she and her family adjust to life outside the Haredi community. .

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While it may seem the same to some viewers as it follows a similar formula to most docuseries reality shows, My Unorthodox life allows a compelling visualization. Getting to know the Haart family is a fun ride for viewers, and Julia’s daughter Batsheva Weinstein has quickly become a fan favorite.

Available to stream on Netflix.

7 Love in Paradise: The Caribbean – 5.6

Discovery + officially launched Love in Paradise: the Caribbean, another spin-off of the hit reality TV series 90 day fiancé. The drama-packed reality show follows four couples who have found love in the Caribbean as they travel through distance and drama.

Although some fans have claimed that certain behaviors depicted in the spin-off made them feel “disgusting,” the show turned out to be a popular addition to the 90 days franchise as a whole. It certainly offers a different viewing experience from the regular series of 90 day fiancé, but there’s still the usual drama to get carried away with.

Available to stream on Discovery +.

6 Empire bling – 5.8

Christine Chiu speaking to camera in Bling Empire

Advertised as the reality TV response to Crazy Rich Asians, Empire bling gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of LA’s wealthy Asian and Asian American socialites.

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Empire bling is packed with colorful personalities, glamorous parties, and loads of drama that have all helped solidify its place as one of the hottest new reality shows of 2021. Though some criticize it as a celebration of materialism, the series features a good mix of characters that viewers will find regardless of wealth and status.

Available to stream on Netflix.

5 90 days: single life – 6.3

Another 90 day fiancé spin off, 90 days: single life brings back characters from the main series for another chance to find love.

Single life feels like a logical addition to the 90 days family. It’s fun to see familiar faces return to continue their journey, and there is plenty of drama (and more than a few crazy stories) to keep fans tuned in, although it’s not as thrilling as the flagship series.

Available to stream on Discovery +.

4 Vanderpump Dogs – 6.5

Vanderpump Dogs promotional blanket - Lisa Vanderpump standing next to adoptable dogs

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘Lisa Vanderpump returns in a new puppy-based reality show. Vanderpump dogs associates adorable dogs with their eternal families, while also giving viewers a glimpse of the Vanderpump Rescue Center.

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Fans had questions about Vanderpump dogs, but it turned out to be a popular reality offering this year. It’s as fun and glamorous as audiences would expect from a show put on by Vanderpump, but beyond that it’s a heartfelt and heartwarming show as Vanderpump’s passion for the cause shines through – albeit not. not as full of juicy drama as his other shows.

Available to stream on Peacock.

3 The world’s most amazing vacation rentals – 6.7

Noku Beach House in the World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The most amazing vacation rentals in the worldThe principle is simple: three travelers visit all corners of the globe to show viewers the most amazing rental properties.

The show certainly lives up to that front, but what sets it apart is that each of the three seasoned travelers has a distinct budget tier, giving viewers travel inspiration regardless of their spending limits. In an age when most people’s purse strings are a bit tighter, this consideration is a welcome addition to an already entertaining spectacle.

Available to stream on Netflix.

2 Cooking not possible – 6.9

Baking Impossible competitors present their pastry for judgment

The Great British Pastry Fair meets Lego Masters in Cooking not possible, an innovative new cooking show from Netflix. The show pairs bakers with engineers – aka “bakers” – as they build edible pastries that then go through incredible stress tests. There is a prize of $ 100,000 up for grabs, so the stakes are high as the bakers go head-to-head in bizarre new challenges each episode.

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Cooking not possible turns out to be more than just a pastry show. In fact, it’s a clever mix of logic and creativity. The innovative twist offers something for everyone, even those who aren’t generally fond of cooking and baking shows.

Available to stream on Netflix.

1 The Challenge: All Stars – 8.3

Paramount + presents a spin-off of The challenge, inviting 24 veterans to participate in grueling physical challenges for a chance to win $ 500,000. As reported by Weekly entertainment, the idea was originally launched by former The challenge contestant Mark Long, who took to social media to share his ideas in 2020. Less than a year later, the show hit fan screens with Long serving both as a member of the distribution and executive producer.

Fans of the original seasons of The challenge will probably make the most of this new release, with plenty of flashbacks and a strong sense of nostalgia. But the challenges are strong enough to attract new viewers as well, and there’s a maturity advantage in returning contestants that makes the series even more enjoyable to watch.

Available to stream on Paramount +.

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